All my work stems from a life project I call The Human Liberation Project. 

What is it? The Human Liberation Project© is a living project activated by people towards unity, love, creativity, harmony, power, creation and inclusion of every one and all living beings.

Through workshops and introductions more and more people can involve themselves with ideas, frameworks and principles of human relationship towards being more creative, daring, stronger, completely connected individuals who are in leadership within their life.


Series of 6 Soups

S6S, begun in Chicago’s Northside in 2007. It invites Artists, Activists, and Educators to gathered in community, share soup and build support for The Arts and its various pedagogy as community building and social change catalysts. S6S’ s Soup Artists create Soup Magic, share family recipes, homeland secrets, special ingredients, and build community in a casual yet intensely delicious atmosphere. 



Co-Escucha is important grassroots co-counseling work that heals exponentially through the sharing of experiences in confidential and loving space. Mosquera’s Dialogue Deliberation Trainings begun in 1989, they are important ongoing skills she teaches to heal personal and community oppressions while participants move forward with proactive growth.


Esto es Tuyo©

Esto es Tuyo is a living arts project that moves towards the deconstruction of the deep-rooted patterns and oppression cutting through the isolation between each of us, groups of us, and between us and nature. It offer conversations, image-making, writings, performances and spaces in which all human creative practices are available and ready for access and sharing. 


outRage/geous Rooms

is a safe place to express it all, be with people and open your hearts again.

Come and spend a couple of hours with us and with yourself.
Come share your mind, your heart with people who are also on this journey.
Come heal the wounds caused by the outer and inner world.
Come be, in a confidential safe place.
Come and use the attention given to: rage, love, sit with, and open up for healing.